Dr. Nolta and Dr. Wheelock Make History

06/01/2012Breaking the Cycle0 comments

Today, just earlier today, something fantastic happened:

After hours of nervous sitting and waiting, and after months, years of tireless grant-writing, research, and failed attempts, today CIRM awarded $18,950,061 to UC Davis Stem Cell Program for the first stem cell clinical trial for Huntington’s disease. This is history in the making!

What a fantastic day for Dr. Jan Nolta, Dr. Vicki Wheelock, and the entire stem cell clinical trial team at UC Davis. Really, this step is groundbreaking, opens so many doors, and Matt and the entire Aletheia team on A Ride With Matt is excited for the next steps.

From everyone at Aletheia Films, and everyone graciously supporting Matt and the entire A Ride With Mattproduction, congratulations, and look forward to having us all behind the entire UC Davis stem cell force during these next, also crucial steps!

From MELISSA BILIARDI at Help 4 HD:  “Dr. Jan Nolta and Dr. Vicki Wheelock our heros of Huntington’s disease.”


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