A Feature Documentary

04/30/2013Breaking the Cycle3 comments

A Ride With Matt is a joint feature documentary about Huntington’s Disease as well as a charity fundraising effort. The film explores the history of the disease, who it effects, the families coping with it, and researchers and doctors looking for a cure. Through grass roots funding, sponsorship, and donations in-kind we are raising money for the feature documentary. All proceeds and additional money raised will be donated to HD Centers of Excellence for care giving, medical attention, counseling and support for research.

Make a contribution and help Matt ride.

*The budget for the documentary has since changed due to how the project is evolving. See update video below for more information.

3 responses to “A Feature Documentary”

  1. Paul Harwood says:

    Matt, I hope all is going well and wish you the best of luck with this and you know if you need anything to give us a call and we will gladly do what we can. Your former Supervisor TSgt Paul G Harwood Jr

  2. adam austin says:

    Hey Paul, I will let Matt know you sent him a message. Having your support is awesome. Please let him know you are thee for him on his FB page. He talks all the time about his time in the Air Force, it broke his heart that he had to leave. Knowing his friends are there for him would mean a great deal to him. thanks and stay in touch adam austin Matt’s uncle

  3. Claudia Scotti says:

    So very proud of both of you two and will be there with you through your journey. Love and support always.