The Team


Robert is a producer/director of documentaries and feature films.

In 2005 at age 16, Robert made his first feature film, “The Hoodwink,” that premiered to sellout audiences. The film made its money back the opening night as additional theaters were added to accommodate the crowd.

Robert has studied under directing teacher Judith Weston, at UCLA Film School, and he received a B.A. in philosophy from UC, Berkeley where he was awarded the Eisner Prize. It is the ‘highest award for creativity given on the UC, Berkeley campus.’ Robert is also the 2012 recipient of the Dan Eldon Activist Award.


In 1996, Adam began work in the film industry first in the art department and then in the camera department as a film technician. His credits include The Terminal, XXX, Spider-man 1-4, Iron Man, National Treasure, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Incredible Hulk, Transformers, and Mission Impossible 4.

Adam’s father died of Huntington’s disease as did his brother. Adam, too, is at risk with the disease but has never been tested. He is eager to share this experience and be there for his nephew, Matt, as he copes with the disorder.

Artist, musician, filmmaker, competitive cyclist, traveler, and father of two, Adam has always been one to break the mold. Born and raised in Palmyra, New York, Adam dropped out of college to travel around the country by motorcycle, make snow at Keystone Ski Resort, play guitar and sing at local coffeehouses, and then earn his BFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Institute of Art.

Most recently, Adam released the EP, “Finally Found” (2002) with the help of Sam Raimi, and he continues making music today with his band Mud Creek.


Deane has worked for over six years as Project Manager and Executive Assistant at TBG, a company specializing in global communications and consulting for Fortune 500 companies.

Deane is a native of Berkeley, CA, where she attended the University of California, Berkeley and received her B.A. in German Languages and Literature, as well as a Minor degree in Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies.


Matt tested positive for Huntington’s disease two weeks before his 20th birthday. Eight months later he was medically discharged from the Air Force. Matt currently works in Stockton, CA in financial services at Primerica.

He was raised in Oakley, California and graduated from Deer Valley High School in 2008 where he played soccer, baseball, and basketball. At age 18, Matt joined the United States Air Force. He spent three months in Keesler, Mississippi learning Electronic Principles, another eight months in Witchitah Falls, Texas, and was qualified on the F-16. Matt was one of few who went through the General Atomics course with an average test score of 97.5%. He was always the first man there and last to leave, and his strong work ethic and kindness led to many great friendships during his Air Force years.


Amy is Adam’s older sister and lives in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts with her husband, David, and their three children. In 1998, when she was pregnant with her youngest child. Amy was tested for the HD gene and tested negative.

For the last 25 years, Amy has worked at Toxikon Corporation, a life science contract research laboratory that works with pharmaceutical and medical device companies developing and testing new technologies. She has filled the roles of Study Director, Laboratory Operations Manager, Quality Manager, and is currently the Director of Corporate Compliance.


Bob is a semi-retired psychologist and marriage family therapist who has always been active in sports, especially bicycling.

Racing distinctions include state and national podium finishes and championships, among which are Everest Challenge wins in the 65+ age category (a two day stage race that covers 210 miles and 29,000 total feet of elevation gain) and most recently the USAC Masters National Cyclocross Championships in the 70+ age category.

During the last several years Bob has taken an avid interest in diet and nutrition as it relates to health and longevity.